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photos cheer me up.

There's an albino squirrel living in my yard. I like albino squirrels. They look ghosty & magical. I've had a lot of albino squirrels living in my yard, and it's something that cheers me up, oddly.

Here's the guy who lives in my yard right now.

EDIT: funny thing is the tag of "animals" led me back to a July 2006 post I made about totem animals & stuff atwork.. and new jobs and; squirrel is listed as an "organizer & planner" heh. funny how coincidences like this keep happening in life.

Here's the old journal entry for those curious about totem animals:
OH, and another coincidence (?) When I had my dream of skiing with my little brother , my mom & dad told me it snowed out there back at their home in the mountains last week - first snow, and I have a dream of skiing with my little brother at the same time - life. It's forever interesting.
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