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meme - years, decades, lifetimes

meme inspired by (as per memes) post by masklady   yay,memes that make us use our memory modules. 

20 Years Ago, I...
spent all of my time in school working in a darkroom and theatre tech stuff, and spent most my non-school time outdoors:  playing soccer, snowboarding, biking, and volunteering at Mt.Pisgah & other nature centers maintaining the nature trails & plants/trees.
15 Years Ago, I... was in the middle of college & decided to transfer to Evergreen college & move from Oregon to Washington.
10 Years Ago, I... was not a mom & was single, working in webservices & as a coffee barista on the side.  I had hot pink hair & my hobbies included dancing and photography. I had been living in Minnesota only ~ 2 years back then.
5 Years Ago, I... lived in the suburbs with my 3 year old daughter & ex-husband, did web contract work for a living.
2 Years Ago, I... lost my little brother Pete Tripp, to an avalanche in Idaho where he & two friends of his,Brian & Sean, and all were  were caught up in the avalanche while skiing (telemarking for Pete & the other guys were snowboarding)  in the backcountry. 1 survivor,Sean. Ihope Sean is doing well. I'm glad he survived.  -I strive everyday to live up to Pete's high standards of himself in how to treat people and strive hard; and I find it keeps me positive & hoping when I strive harder when things go badly.   
Also, a month& a half before his avalanche, Athena was born -that was 2 years ago. Oh, and I spent Pete's birthday running an all-day charity concert with 5 bands,that I organized from scratch based on how many musicians were friends with Pete & we used that money for education scholarships: some money for Pete & Brian's philosophy memorial programs at Gonzaga college, & the majority for education for underprivledged kids.  We raised $1,200 that day for education for love for Pete & Brian.  It was held in Spokane WA and many of their friends came, some even flying in from other countries to support the effort: you two are amazing souls.  Love u guys.

1 Year Ago, I... was asked for a Divorce from my ex-husband, and I was working the same place I'm at now/company wise, but I changed positions then... 3 months later applying for better jobs and getting a promotion & moving from one webservices area to another, woo hoo.  I don't sound excited now, but these were good changes for me, although hard at that time.   I also traveled a little bit - to Oregon in April & August with my daughters (spring break & Pete's birthday is in April/ August is summer break), I bought an elliptical for exercise, something I never would have treated myself to in the past... and I got out to see some great music, my first music concerts in 6 years... freedom on the horizon.. I saw the groups: Circa Survive, and Muse. Athena learned how to walk & talk.  Aurora learned how to write sentences, read chapter books, and do complex Math (+-/* etc) ... kids learn so fast; I'm sure they both learned things I haven't yet figured out, too.

So far this year, I've... filed for divorce with the state, realized I deserve to be healthy & happy & have since lost 30 lbs via exercise, joined the YMCA which the kids and I enjoy together, started Pilates, and started taking classes again (PMP & art classes, and Pilates) & been to see some more great music concerts: Tool, Soul Asylum, Front Line Assembly, and local groups including 'StainedGlass Rabbits', 'Until the End', 'Lothario' & 'Kelly Haines' (er, yeah she just plays under/her name,heh) ...I took both my daughters to see Michael Franti & Spearhead perform in an outdoor amphitheater at the Minnesota Zoo the night before the 4th of July: _what an amazing concert_.  I'm so glad my daughters saw such an amazing group of musicians for their first music concert.
 I also organized intramural dodgeball a couple times per (warm) months with my friends at local parks... free exercise and fun for all... , & also organized some  bowling outtings, roller-skating outtings, and lately karaoke.   I bought my older daughter a trampoline for her birthday; best toy ever! I think everyone should get their kids a trampoline - both the girls love to play on that trampoline: it's great exercise & relaxing/destress outdoors jumping -what a great thing.  I'm also super proud that this year, Aurora learned how to swim above & underwater both! , and how to ride a bike _without_ training wheels & Aurora took Guitar lessons & learned how to play chords & finger songs on a guitar.  Athena has learned how to count past 20, & do her ABCs, and ride a bike with training wheels, and talk about complicated concepts and tell stories of her own volition, without any prompting.
Aurora Athena & I traveled to Oregon (my parents live there) & Massachusettes (my big brotherTodd, his wife Sue& daughter Izzy live there)  this year to visit family for summer break. My big brother Todd came out to visit us for his Spring break & my parents came out to visit in January, as well. Todd I'm proud to say was a guest astrophysics speaker in Italy, and Glasgow this year, and in China the year before: i'm very proud of both my bro's & aspire to their high standards for personal effort.

Yesterday, I... played with the girls at the playground and had a nice dinner with them. Work took up the daytime hours, but 
I also enjoyed the sunny nice weather as I was working from home, & we all went walking  after the playground just to enjoy the weather, and we played with out Pets (Copper, Spirit, Anero, Argento)...
Today, I... cleaned the garage, did a lot of work for work (per norm), made mac & cheese with my daughters.  I also got the wheels rotated on my car, the brake fluid flushed & a rogue coil replaces that was 'causing start up issues anytime the car got moist. 
And I got some awesome hugs from my daughters & listened to them each tell me all about their days at school, and what they want to do this weekend.

Tomorrow, I'll... take the girls to soccer & clean laundry- hopefully also patch the garage floor, need a place for my old car this winter. We also have plans to plant a tree together in the yard, and maybe some autumn flowers (mums? bulbs?)not sure yet how much gardening we'll do.
This weekend, I'll... also take the girls to the Edina Art fair & Circus (Sunday- Saturday is tomorrow/above) & Monday I took PTO to stay at home with Athena since her school is closed for teacher training,so I'll have a long weekend.  I might also make some more friends music mixes:I'm on a creativity sharing-streak ;)
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