Alli (neugotik) wrote,

MA Road Trip, part 2

July 21: Boston, we arrived & parked underground, emerging up an elevator into a large central park. Glass Block entrances to the subways were walked past as we discussed our options & plans for the day and looked for food. Finally a bagel shop was chosen & all ordered food.. a bit of confusion ensued as the Garden Burger was missing, and so was the Chicken Kabob & then we realized: everything was a wrap sandwich.. a garden burger wrap.. a chicken kabob wrap. We ate hungrily & planned to go two directions: Mom, Dad, Ang & Alli would walk the historic walk downtown with Athena & Todd, Sue, Izzy & Aurora would take the subway over to the Children’s museum.

The day was beautiful & enjoyed by all. The historic walk was Much More Historic then I could have imagined! The Boston Tea Party, The origin of the Constitution of the United States, and a woman who was an originator of the anti-censorship movement for the protection of books & her bookstore.. and so much more. We watched breakdancers & stopped for baked-goods & coffee. The girls had a splendid time with Todd & Sue at the kids’ museum & returned talking fast about all the things they had enjoyed in their day.

Then we all crashed popedale’s house in Cambridge and went out to dinner at a Jazz restaurant he highly recommended by his house, at which the sweet potato fries were Amazing!

Then we drove to Amherst to Todd, Sue & Izzy’s home in the late of night, well-past the girls’ bedtimes.

July 22: Amherst, The day dawned on a beautiful sunny day & it was spent in wonderful enjoyment of the flowers & garden & yard while a project to build a dog-kennel for Rosie was planned & carried out with great success, to which will also be a nice relief for Sue who has spent much time each day letting Rosie in & out of the house repetitively: now Rosie has a play-place out side.

Everyone enjoyed relaxing from all of the adventures of the previous couple of days, eating well, setting up a wireless network, and talking.

The girls Aurora & Athena made a gorgeous fort out of rainbow cloth, chairs, toys, fans & flowers. Chalk drawing & running through the sprinkler was also part of the days enjoyment, & we got to meet one of Izzy’s previous teachers, who lives nearby & had held their mail for them while on vacation.

All was good. We all went to bed tired but happy.

July 23rd: Amherst: Sue’s birthday, party, secretly painting cards with the girls, present wrapping, dinner party: going to Charlie & The Chocolate Factory for Sue’s birthday, eating out for dinner downtown at a cute & delish pizzeria in Amherst

July 24th: Drive home, then entire ride was infused with reading from the new Harry Potter book, acknowledging silly signs along they highways & singing & playing 20 questions & the cloud game. Angelo drove over 1000 of the miles home in 2 separate stints, and Alli read over 1000 of the miles home, in 2 separate stints, as the story was one that def. Encouraged sitting down & reading the entire story without interruption if possible.

Aurora & Alli collected neopets on the way home & Athena was tolerant of the long ride & we only took a brief nap from 5am to 6:30am on Monday the 25th before arriving home & all of us taking a nice long nap.

It was a good vacation.

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