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Sunshine makes it all feel better.

sunshine. what a nice respite.
went for a walk to the grocery store. bought milk; 2 potted flowers & a coffee.

stopped by a Thai resturant on the way home & got take-out red curry & peanut sauce both w/tofu; yum.

Couldn't eat much of it, but it was good. I think my appetite is starting to really re-learn what it is "to be hungry" and what is a real "meal size" Our expectations for a serving seem really over-inflated in the USA. Historically I have never craved candy or much unhealthy stuff. Lately it's gotten different though: I don't ever want candy-but sometimes I want Cherry Zero. Which is like, puresweet. And when I go to get coffee what is also new,is even muffins and cookies seem unappealing. This is actually, I think, healthy. I'm sure I'll want muffins when my body needs those kinds of nutrients again (shrug).

Missing the kids a lot : I've been keeping myself super busy to distract my mind. I am patching the garage floor, pretty much for kicks,as it's not necessary. I'm reorganizing the house - again, something to do - unfor. it's at a mid-point and I'm getting to the point where I'd like a magic broom like Mickey Mouse has in Fantasia. heh.

Hm. saw this neat quote today: "The quality of our lives is determined by the quality of questions we ask ourselves."- Tony Robbins It struck a chord with me. I had an interesting exchage with a friend about internal mind-conversations- how they go, how often, what's accomplished by internal dialogue (the theory being that perhaps if we consult different internal motivations and desires within ourselves before making decisions, we come forth with better decisions).

I also realized that I learn the most from conversations when I listen the most. And talk less. This is hard for me. I have so many ideas swirling around inside and stories and jokes, and just everything.. I want to share them. But I've come to realize I also just really, really love listening to other peoples' stories, ideas, jokes, and experiences,perspectives..theories, realizations.. um, and when I hold up the joy of sharing what I think with the joy of intently listening to what another thinks and shares...I actually like the listening more. Odd but I came out of it with a simple reminder phrase for myself, which is "I converse better by listening" . I like the irony of it, too. heh.

Ok,I'm going back outside - Finished my curry, wrote this note, I'm going go go patch the garage & soak up sunshine, erkinda. More like sweat a lot & fix the floor,and er...kinda watch the sunshine soak into my yard; won't get much of it _inside_ my garage (although I do have 2 huge windows in there, which I think totallyrocks). but anyhow. It's what I want to do next.
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