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Carved Jack-o-lanterns with some of my closest friends last night. That was fun. My pumpkin was a pretty classic jack-o-lantern, plus fangs. Heh. Maybe I'll post a photo later. Have 2 more to carve w/the girls so then I'll have a photo of all three, at some point.

Then we played Risk -heh. Risk is less fun and more vicious - but considering the game & some of the way-wacked-out house rules that were set, I think we did well. Plus, I crushed them all. Mwaa ha ah haaa.

This morning I walked over to a cofffee shop with one of my bestest friends, and that was nice. It's rainy, true. But it's not cold today, no wind, and the rain has pretty much stopped for the morning -so it was just wet-ish. A hoodie was sufficient. I liked the walk. Excercise makes me feel better.

Er, the patch job in the garage has dried nicely, so I can efficiently park inside the garage now. Determining if i want to bother putting the rest of the floor stuff down or not. I mean,Iwant to - I guess it is weather dependent - the next step takes a few days,due to 3 layers & drying times -it might have to wait for spring. Not sure.

Just bought three raffle tickets from a kid raising money to go to Eagle Bluff. I like supportting kids in their efforts to accomplish things. Don't really care if I win. Didn't look at the prizes until after I bought them- they're just giving away cash prizes. Heh. Nice.

anyhows- I'm off to watch football & maybe eat pizza at a friends house (I'm just not sure I want pizza - I've been kinda repulsed by it lately - it's so er,greezy/gooey/squishy food. um Heh.) Also, mainly, it's fattening. ;) I might have KungPao instead. I'm totally craving that.
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