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Took the kids to a friends "swimming pool birthday party" which was just a ton of fun last night. Their take-home gift bags were personalized:
  • Athena got an orange hat she can wear as a swimcap or out(it looks like those cute 1950's swim caps)plus a nose plug & earplugs for swimming...
  • Aurora got see-through waterproof playing cards & gel pens.

    So we came home & had a bath & played "go fish" in the bathtub with Aurora, and Athena wore her new cap & noseplug,which she thinks are really cool. I think that's the first time I've played floating go-fish on water... fun.

    Now we're heading out to meet a college friend of my little brothers - Kelly Lynch; she's in MN for a wedding- and flies out today at 2pm, so we're going to find some fun stuff to do! :)

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