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Book of Saturdays

Saturday was lots of fun! I was _Loving_ the sunshine!!

We took Kelly L. on a neighborhood tour - we all hungout at the local Caribou Coffee, then we came back home & the kids gave Kelly a home-tour and we played with toys, talked, and jumped on the trampoline outside - mostly staying outside, it was such lovely weather!

Then we took Kelly to our local neighborhood park & played on swings slides bridges and everything until we had to drive her to the airport. Athena really misses her & brought it up a few times after Kelly left, even into the evening & again this morning.

Found some dish soap with Ylang Ylang in it! wow, yum. Now I actually _want_ to hand wash some dishes.heh. It's actually Citrus-Mint-YlangYlang - but although I've smelled Ylang Ylang in plenty of soaps & lotions, having it in a dish-soap is new to me. Little aromatherapy while washing - almost makes it calming & meditative instead of another chore. (almost) heh.

Ran into Kelly N./KTIG at the grocery store yesterday - also in driving home we stopped at a red light by our house just as she was walking home- having friends live in the neighborhood is pretty darn cool. It's also kinda small-town feeling - I like running into people I know, but I start to wonder if/when it's too much - and I don't want to tip the scales to the negative! I guess it's all a matter of perspective; i.e. if you like seeing someone it's great to run into them randomly and if you don't know them well it's fine,and if it's someone you don't like it would be awkward. I'm glad I don't dislike many people. very very very few I can't actually think of anyone right off the top - lol. I think of people who don't like me,though; lol. That's pretty bad. oh well!

Coldish out today - we're playing "Animal Crossing" which is a kids video game where you get to make a whole town full of animal characters who talk & interact, you get a house, have to decorate it, keep a job, run errands - a little sim world Aurora seems to enjoy playing it a lot. Athena & I meanwhile played the classic "Cooties" and after we were done building plastic bugs we cooked (Ath & I) Mac and Cheese & we all just had a nice lunch together.

I can tell it's going to be an "indoorsy" kinda day so I've already remade a list of goals that are all stuff we can do inside. :D Getting even half of these goals/ideas done would be a lot! From painting projects, to packages to wrap for mailing(family, Halloween), to just the house upkeep (already swept & did dishes but I'd like to mop & do 2 loads of laundry) etc. It's easy to keep quite busy!
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