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weekend family gathering

Had a nice family reunion this weekend - saw my cousin Katie who flew out from Berkley, Cali & my cousin George & his wife Teresa & their babe Henry - who all flew out from Alaska - along w/my MN fam. the Greats: Gran'ma Alice & Gran'pa John (kids' great-grandparents) - my Aunt Christy - (George's mom)my dear cousin Peggy (George's twin sibling),her husband Steve & thier kids Tennessee & Wren, my Uncle John (Katie's dad) & Aunt Anita, and me & Aurora & Athena made.. er.. what, 16 people at the cabin I believe, if I can still do basic math. heh.

So, it was nice. I took a nice hot sauna (candlelit) the kids like it too- there's a bathing room attached to the sauna so they can be in there & be part of the experience with the family crowd, but not get hot... , I also got to play Bridge, which I quite love to do; hmm... and the kids watched a Harry Potter movie and read books they like that are stored at the cabin, we had a bonfire outside in the afternoons; & some of the crew ,not myself or my kids- too cold, but some went canoeing.. the kids had a nice walk with the cousins. Good times.

Took more cute photos, I'm afraid I'm way behind in my photos heh. Maybe someday I'll get smart & use flikr or snapfish,heh. ah well. I'll post those & some trickor treatin' photos to my gallery eventually ;)

"10, 9, 8 and I'm breaking away; all dressed up & ready to play, 7 6 5 4 and I'm over you, 3, 2, 1 & I'm having fun." - "don't cry out" lyrics outtake
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