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Monday night with friends.

the kids are with their dad tonight. so, I went & did an hour of Pilates at the YMCA. Then I did an hour of walking with a friend in circles around the galleria. The exercise was amazing. Pilates alone tripled my energy. Then following with a good long stint of walking and talking was just what I needed to keep my heartbeat up & stretch after such a great muscles-workout. Pilates was a touch routine tonight & I got a deep burn in my upper abs, both legs, obliques and back! Yay for exercise. :)

Then I went to 3 friends' band perform out in Apple Valley at "Bogart's" - Until the End; really talented group. Then I went to another 4 friends' band Stained Glass Rabbit perform at "Big V's" in St.Paul

Bogarts had fake bricks, which were actually on the wall at an angle in some spots, which was distracting to the bands' girlfriends who I was sitting with - but I rather liked the mural of an empty stone room with a window. However all the other prison themed murals could've gone: I mean, a dirt prison yard & a cop & a guy w/his hands behind his back chained,,not so positive,down-right dreary & sad really. Not sure what their dining atmosphere is going for... The bricks were ok, even though they were crooked. The sound was actually really really good! Until sounded awesome & their vocals and guitars and bass (3 singers, 2 guitars/1 bass) were so full and luscious! Really amazingly talented group. The hunting game with the realistic rifle behind the sitting area was distracting when I had to walk past it to get to the ladies room, especially as there were people using the gun-game. I guess I'll never be anything but unnerved by people pointing guns indoors & pulling triggers- just spooky. The football & hockey games were on the big tvs there too- so that was a _bit_ distracting from the music, but the group somehow pulled through with gorgeous songs despite, although I did hear more then the average amount of mitakes for that group; their talent compensated ;)

Big V's was/is a University street dive,but it was fun -the sound was crappy, but the bands were all loud & Stained Glass Rabbit sounded great in the place really projecting out & getting some good timbre in their melodic blues-rock songs. The neon beer signs shaped like guitars & football helmets added to the atmosphere, and between pool and all else going on it was quite a hopping scene for a Monday night.

So - I got to see just a ton of friends tonight, between exercise, and 2 gigs, plus friends in both the audiences I got to talk with; I'm so glad I braved the cold to go out!!
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