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Tuesday & it's getting colder. Brrr..

saw "Bourne IdentityUltimatum" & "Once" back-to-back at the Riversideview theater tonight - both good films, and totally unlike each other. I was way impressed with 'Once' what a great film. And, Matt Damon is just so hot. 'nuf said. Both were worth loosing sleep over to go out.

Other accomplishments of the day include saving a buncha plants from freezing by moving them indoors - & I now have plants downstairs, too. Yay.

Won't talk about work but it's going well - have a few simultaneous projects going on which keeps me entertained. I guess it had gotten slow & I find I really prefer keeping hoppin' busy. Hm. what else?

Took a walk around the streets in uptown on my own -nice night for a brisk walk as I managed to get out before the cold really hit, and the walking kept me warm. Ended my walk with a grocery store stop & then a jaunt back to the car & over to the theater...

Tried 2 new salads from the grocery store for dinner - a kinda cranberry wheat-berry one & a seasame brocolli & crisp green peas. The latter needed more seasame oil, but the cran-wheatberry was awesome. I've decided if I start each meal with a vegetable the entire meal seems to go better & I don't want the junk foods. Yeah for veggies! k;that's about it. Zzzz sleepy me.

"Through all the stubborn beauty I start at the dawn
Until the sun had fully stopped
Never walking away from
Just a way to pull apart
Dehydrate back into minerals
A life long walk to the same exact spot"
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