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Indoor 3-year old soccer

Athena had her first team-soccer game today! :)

She was a bit shy,to be honest,but when she wanted the ball she'd run right out & kick it & dribble it all the way down the court. Then another kid would kick it away from her & she'd run out of the game & over to me & say "that boy took the ball from me mom!" and I said "honey that's the game" -but every time a kid took the ball from her she'd be upset.

And the other half the time, when she didn't have the ball - she was either standing still watching all the other kids chase it, and not moving... , or she was like, edging around the group looking for an opening. Then she'd run in when the ball was hers.... If it took too long she'd run back over to me & her sister on the sidelines & say "mom - I can't get it!! I can't get the ball! It's too hard." Even though she got her feet on the ball quite a bit, really. She's a logical kid, so I suppose she's trying to figure out how taking the ball from other kids is ok,when it's not in normal play - as she expresses this when she gets frustrated when a kid takes it from her... she waited so nicely until it was kicked clear of anyone else, and then someone runs up & kicks it away from her!

But she really loves it when she's kicking the ball... she's all smiles & high-fives/so I think it's a good thing, and she'll figure out how it's different then sharing toys,and the "goodsport competition" aspect. I tried to explain it as "well,they'll kick the ball but not you - it's just about whoever can kick the ball - everyone's going for it" She seemed dubious about that. heh.

PS: she waited so long before she was ready to kick the ball the first time; and she left the court (indoor soccer) so many times, that when she was finally ready to kick it the girl who was Ref. actually put the ball down in center court - saw Athena was running for it & would not let any of the other kids kick it until Athena finally got her foot on the ball - kinda cute, but I guess the Ref noticed, like myself, that Athena was having this waiting, waiting, running off the court & not getting in & chasing and diving for the ball like the rest of the kids. heh. I mean, she stood out as a kid thinking about it all & not acting/grabbing for it... yet when she got into the action she can actually dribble/carry the ball down the court which is actually quite hard for akid her age. Ok/nuf said - it was more interesting to watch her play then I can really describe.

Anyhows: yay for new experiences!
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