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snow & kids

Aurora: "Look Athena, look out the window. ... you see that white stuff?"
Athena: "Yeah..."
Aurora: "It's snow! It's snowing!"
Athena: "oh! It's snowing for my birfhday! Actully, it's the snow's brfhday!"

heh. true.

kids & logic. sometimes they surprise me. and it also surprised me that my almost 3 year old just used the word "actually" ha. and she says it better then she says the word birthday. and it really is kinda the snow's birthday-hm.

Edit: PS,it's not her birthday but her birthday party which was today - so that's what she was talking about, but Athena knows her birthday is another day as she says it "my real birfthday is Novememember twenty six-ith" heh. that's me try to translate her phonetic cuteness - although she's pretty good at articulating,she still has some really cute kid-adaptations to many words. ;)
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