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quiz answers are photos

go to google image search. search the answer to each of these questions. pick a picture from the first page of results and post it here.

1 the age you will be on your next birthday

2 a place you'd like to travel

3 your favourite place

4 your favourite object?

5 your favourite food

6 your favourite animal

7 your favourite colour

8 the town in which you were born

9 the town in which you live

10 the name of a past pet
11 the first name of a past love

12 your birthday

13 your nickname/screenname
14 your first name

15 your middle name

16 your last name

interestingly this tombstone from 1837 could be one of my relatives- my relatives with my same last name- where it came from... were actually in that area (East Coast/Rhode Island/Canada) around then.
17 a bad habit of yours

18 your first job

19 your grandmothers name (paternal)
This is my real grandma! First response for "Alice Tripp" _ she ran for Govenor of MN in 1978 & got 97,000 votes :D here's the article if you're interested in reading about it: My other grandma was a nurse in WWII & she's on the nurse memorial wall,but no images came up when I searched for her name.

20 your major in college
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