Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Ester Kellogg

I just found out my great Aunt Ester just died yesterday evening, Polly's mom, my grandma Alice's sister. She was 98 years old.

A great woman.
...when she turned 94 in August 2003 I remember we all went out to visit her & sang a version of the beattles' song, revised to "When I'm 94" where the whole family sang along. We camped in her yard, a few of us, as there were too many family for the 2 houses (her & her son Peter's- yes a few Peter's in my family).. that was in Green Bay right overlooking the big water. We had picnics each day we were there on the picnic table in the yard facing the lake, and my brother Pete did a lot of Kayaking. I did a little Kayaking. We also went to Door county for a day, which is a lovely part of the country, right near Ester's home.

I remember in Jr. High I was visiting my grandparents' cabin for a month on my own (my first plane flight all on my own) & Ester just loved my guitar playing so much, and it was so special to me - she said it was the most beautiful sound she'd ever heard and asked me to record my playing so she could listen to it, it calmed her & she insisted it was better then any music she'd heard. I was so touched by the expression - I didn't believe her until years later when she asked me again for my music saying she could still hear it in her memory & wanted to listen again.

I recall how much she laughed,even at 94, the last time I got to visit her. Ironically my mom missed that family reunion, because although she & Dad and Pete had flown out from the West Coast, my other great aunt Sylvia, also I believe 98 at that time, died that weekend and my mom had to go to her funeral, and insisted on going alone so we could all celebrate Ester's birthday. That was my maternal grandma Neta's sister. 98 years, that's a long time.She was so smart & aware of everything too - she was very clever & her wit could keep up with anyone else & she often got in the first smart response. I really respected her for that & her candor/unarming honesty.

I want to call Polly but I haven't figured out how to yet, how to call & be thinking of her & not calling at the wrong time.
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