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tat tot hot dish

I made my first 'hot dish' today aka casserole, etc etc... no one nickname has stuck around here yet. Yes - my mom doesn't like them. I Love my mom, she's so cool. Anyhows. I learned how to make a few (thanks ktig !!) cause I want the kids to eat more veggies. I mean, I've been living in MN a crazy 12 years now (wow,how did thathappen??) not counting my first 3 years of life, where I was also here (gah, my parents really are smart -moving away, not cooking hot dish - sigh - ) nor counting the nearly 1 year in the middle of that where we lived in Portland, Oregon.. hm, anyhows. Here I am, and I am hoping hot-dish will be the path to getting the kids more excited about cooking at home & eating veggies & proteins.

I think my plan is working, here's an excerpt of our pre-lunch conversation:
Aurora: "I want tatertots"
Athena: "I want tatertots"
Me: "They're in the 'casserole' that's cooking"
Aurora: "I want tatertots _without_ the casserole"
Me: "You can't have them, without eating the casserole: they're all in the 'hot dish'"
Aurora: "oh,ok, when's the hot-dish going to be done?"
Me: "the hot-dish will be done soon"
Athena: "I want mashed potatoes for lunch!"
Me: "there are potatoes in the hot-dish"
Athena: "I want _only_ mashed potatoes"
Me: "you can't have only potatoes, but there are potatoes in the hot-dish"
Athena:"oh. there are potatoes in the hot-dish?"

*sigh* seriously I expect them to try to avoid eating the hamburger & greenbeans but I hope they eat some. Even if by accident.heh. And the cream of mushroom & cream of celerysoups should add more hidden nutrition to the tatertots/and more taste to the hamburger & greenbeans. Well, it's almost done. We'll find out. Here are some photos:

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