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down time.

i like shoveling snow.
it's a quiet, meditative kinda time outside - the whole city is muffled and that's nice.
it's also kind of a unique communal time with neighbors -all outside quietly working

i also like mowing lawns, so maybe it's just that I like solitary time with hard work outdoors. Hm.

snow's pretty in December - it's not been cold enough yet to be really tired of winter, and snow can be fun, when one is not too cold.

I also did an hour of elliptical & 30 minutes of weight machines today with a friend at the gym. I think having a friend, co-worker, or other person in my life who wants to go workout too really makes a big difference to me in my motivation- but I always like how I feel better after exercise.
Tags: exercise, friends, ideas, meaning, outdoors

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