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my birthday

Went to Pilates class tonight - feel much better now. Wasn't sore (I thought) but when I started on the leg part of pilates my thighs burned: so I know the Saturday workout did actually work the muscles & they were still in recoup mode. And in the low-back part of pilates I could really feel the stretch : it really took all those shoveling-snow muslces and straitened them back out. I felt much better after class.

For my birthday I took the day off work & made my family some Christmas presents & visited both the girls for their lunchtimes at school;that was really nice. I got to see all the diorama bookreports the other kids did at Aurora's school & she asked me to stay through recess & play in the snow & on the swings with her. :)

"The only rule mom is that you can't throw snowballs,ok mom?" - Aurora =)

Now I'm going downtown to meet some of my best friends for the Modest Mouse show at the Orpheum. I'm so exicited! (Last time I tried to see them it was cancelled) Got a sweet phone message from Aurora & a call from my brother & his family :) Talked to my parents last night so they wished me happy bday in advance. heh. I was calling to tell them they have to see 'August Rush' - what a great film.

Edit: the Modest Mouse show was tons of fun! I've never heard the audience sing along with so many songs! I mean, like more the 50%, maybe 70% of the songs the audience sung along for part of it, it was sweet! They were all jumping and dancing and singing - really fun show. They sang some of my favorites too (not all: but then this artist has a huge repertoire of songs!)
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