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Exercised an hour with Kelly - she got there earlier & did an extra 20 or 30 minutes more - did 300 calories on the elliptical in about 35 minutes (hill mode lvl5, been making the modes dif. so I should start tracking those) & then did obliques, abs, inner & outer leg machines today for the rest of the hour.

At this rate I'll need to make more exercise icons.

Kids quote of the day "Mom, I want to play mashed potato head - mom, I want to play potato head" -Athena _ heh. Guess what kind of potatoes the kids eat the most>? lol.

I had a dream I met Beck at a concert, like a nighttime outdoors concert where you can walk around a lot, and he wouldn't stop asking me to hang out w/him so I finally agreed to get a snack with him or something & it turned out he was like smitten with me & we started dating, like high-school style dating you know, where the guy asks you out & you go out and see plays together & get spicey fries at the late night eatery & stuff. LOL. Ah, well. Nice dream,eh?
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