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did 15 mins on a spinning bike & got bored.
did 45 mins on an elliptical, flat lvl5 @ aerobic heart rate lvls (~ 187 - highest I've pushed it so far) -
then I was antsy after the hour workout & proceeded to go walking around stores for 2 hours (mall walking) - so not brisk, but constantly moving (no I wasn't shopping,just looking at windows & displays). walked most the antsyness out.

So 400 cal at the Y & about 551 from walking (used an equation to get that , if I walk 3 mph, multiple .027xweight for calories per minute burned x minutes) I also read I can add the 15 mins of downtime right after exercise too - so I had a half hour of that after each workout - so that would be like another 200 - wow, maybe I burned off a whole freaking pound tonight :O lol.

Home sore again - sore before the workout (from Sunday workout) & sore after,but less-so. I wonder how long it will take to get back in shape so I'm not sore all the time? I bet on 1 month to take the edge off & 3 months to actually be fit again to any degree. I mean, I can play a whole game of touchfootball wo/resting or an hour or two of dodgeball,etc - so I'm not "out of shape" but these what - 8+hours of working out per week is making me sore!! It's good for me, though. Er, as long as I don't pull a muscle or something.
Since I'm making my xmas gifts for family I need to finish that up & get them mailed, few of these left to do. Other xmas stuff is pretty good! We set up & decorated the tree on Nov. 25th - made a gingerbread house another weekend, made gingerbread cutout cookies, and sugar cutout cookies this weekend, have been reading xmas stories & watching the xmas cartoons & listening to the xmas music heh. Even hung up the stockings & plugged in and untangled all the outdoor lights.

Left to do? mail gifts, mail xmas cards, make Spritz cookies (got the ingredients but haven't made them yet) & put the outdoor lights up in the tree (I might do this one tonight since it's an adult project - saving the cookies for when the kids are at home).

Now I remember why New Year's has always been my favorite holiday. It's a no-frills, no-prep, no buying stuff midnight holiday with those you love. I'm looking forward to it! (ps: my mom would argue that as I kid I liked Valentine's best- that might be true: I don't really remember specifically & I've always loved Halloween too) Well, holidays are fun. The trick is to to keep the % fun ahead of any stress or other worries. No fun to do lots of stuff if it is stressful! I'm weird 'cause I actually really dig all these traditionally xmas things.and then really really dig the quiet new years' afterwards!
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