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40 mins elliptical - 300 cals (hill mode lvl 8) if I keep this up I'm going to look awesome in a bikini;heh. nice thought. Much less busy then yesterday - I'll have to remember for weekend workouts that Sunday afternoon is much less crowded then Saturdays(we tried morning & it was so crowded left & got coffee, then went back after the morning rush)... wild!
house cleaning - esp. the kids toys which are like, everywhere all over the house! I've got them corralled down to 4 rooms - and in the living room I pushed them all under the tree /not too many so they look really cute there. the 2bedrooms aren't bad = the toys are on shelves... so it's the playroom that's going to take time to clean up now. Hopefully will get that done now.

Then I think I'll go to the chatterbox with some friends tonight. :)
Oh, and I made a playoff losing decision to play Chris Brown(TEN against KC) instead of Aaron Stecker (NO against ARI): Stecker pulled in 2 TDs & over 20 points (!!!) and Chris didn't get 3 points: what a mistake _! ... they were equally judged in the pre-game expectations, but wow what a swing - I am pretty certain I would've won if I'd chosen Steckler & that I'll lose now- I'm about 8 points behind and I have less active players. Maybe my WR or someone will pick up some wild last minute points! *grin* Yeah, well.. maybe, but not likely. My other RB is Gore, and I thought about benching him so I could play both of my risky players (both Chris or Aaron were expected to hit either really high or really low each with about equal odds) - but Gore is such a good pull for consistent, but not blowout points so I had to play him - and he did pull in over 9 points: which is really good. ARgh. too bad I didn't play Stecker! Grr. Didn't help that Tom Brady had a really awful game & I think his lowest points ever,and the Seahawks def. up & bombed when everyone expected them to do well but they didn't (and I only got 3 def points which is really low for that position).

Ok, update: now I'm only 2 points behind: My WR pickup madea TD! Yay! (WR • Anthony Gonzalez • IND against Oakland) but That won't likely close the gap. I'm 2 points behind.

Left to play? I have Chris Cooley my tightend (WAS @ NYG • 8:15p Sun) & he has The Vikings Def. (WAS @ NYG • 8:15p Sun)... such bad odds for me! ... gah. Will my TE make more points then the Vikings Def? He'd have to make TDs~ Gah - so close & that one last player, is not very likely to swing in my favor. If I'd played Stecker I'd have a good chance! 8( Well, guess I'll just cheer on C. Cooley! heh.)
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