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Monday morning

I did get out to do Karaoke w/4 friends- that was awesome fun. Chatterbox is a fun place with great food! I had mac & cheese w/pesto mixed in based on our waitress's rec. & my friends has artichoke spinach sandwiches & cool stuff like that.

I sang a song by "A perfect circle" (3 libras) as a duet w/my friend Ben & by "Jet" (Are you going to be my girl) & I talked Ben's girlfriend Rachel into singing "99 Red Balloons" which she likes & she did an awesome job of it, too! Yay. :)

Mr. Chris Cooley only pulled in 2 points for me - so Vikings would have to end with like, -2 which although vaguely possible, I don't want to see! heh. how come it had to be the home team? *griN* so that means I am out of both finalist playoffs now - but I had a ton of fun & I will have to find a FF league to play in next fall! Way too much fun to pass up next year.
Tags: football, friends, karaoke

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