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sunshine, football, life, & oh, mmm, more sunshine

I'm working from home today, as it's a release night & the sunshine is just glorious! I have south windows in the office & while it's still cold I'm just really enjoying the warmth of the sun through the windows - something about it just makes me feel happier. :)

The Vikings/Bears game was wild last night - wow so many fumbles (on both sides) and hand overs and the total close down on both offense - I guess it was two strong defense teams but what a messy game! I thought we were going to lose until Peterson finally broke through with his touchdown to put us at 20 to 13 - then it was just a matter of keeping the defense working, which we did. Yay.

Taking the girls to a cookie decorating party tomorrow! I can't wait, it's going to be so much fun. :)

Tonight it's all work though, and maybe a workout if I finish deployment at a reasonable time. At least it keeps me busy while the kids are not home with me. Can't wait to see them :)

Sunshine - thank goodness. Think I'll move the plants in here so they can bask in some sun too while it's out!
Tags: football, holidays, kids, weather, work
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