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yay: healthy progress!

For lunch today I measured myself. heh.

21.5 inches of fat ,lost this year!! woot! - and for weight I'm down 15 lbs! It feels good.

To get to what an exercise site gave as ideal measurements for someone my height (5'1") I have to lose another 16 inches - I'm more then half way there by that. yay. Plus that site said I should have more on my arms & neck (muscles) then I do - so really it's not a perfect guide -but nice! I'm very happy with my progress.

"We're losing daylight but I cant work any faster.
Under the veil of dusk we go on,
Don’t close your eyes.
What if it all disappears in the shadows that reach from the stars?

If I held my ground would you ask me to change?"

-song excerpt
Tags: exercise, fitness, goals
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