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lunch with the Kids! :D

Went to the girls schools for lunchtime! I had so much fun; they were so excited to see me as a surprise it was really fun. I had lunch with Athena & had brought her a blueberry coffeecake for afterlunch & her fav. vanilla milk - so that was nice & then she wanted me to tuck her in for after lunch naptime on her cot - she got to sleep in front of the standing mirror & she was all happy about that. All her friends were talking to me about their different pets: cats & dogs & all. So cute. 2 & 3 year olds are so exuberant! Athena & Abby are moving to the preschool room together so they has just come back from their time in the "big girl room" & were all excited about how they get to use "the big slide now" & that they are moving up in the world together - I swear they're best friends already! :)

Then I went to Aurora's school for her lunch & brought her one of her favs: a special soft taco w/just rice black beans & cheese - she wants to be a vegetarian & so her fav. foods are veggie (I'm not surprised, she's Never liked meat) I've told her she needs to eat other proteins before she can quit meats ("like mushrooms, and other good proteins, yes mom") heh. So She was super surprised & happy to see me - her school mates know me cause I've read to the class a few times on Fridays "parent reading" time (including last Friday, actually) & they all said hi and that was nice. Then after lunch Aurora has recess - so she's all like "MOM! Go sledding with me on the big hill!" heh. So fun! The 4th graders who know Aurora were like "wow, you got your mom to go sledding? Cool."

So I ate a little of each lunch - Athena's school insisted I have a couple fishsticks & greenbeans, and Athena was excited to share lunch w/me so I partook of that... and Aurora shared her corn chips with me. Her friend offered me popcorn too but I was just too full!

Sorry I've blogged a lot today but wanted to write down what a good time I had so I can read it again later. :) I've made some scrapbooks for the girls but they never have the narratives of my online blog for them. I think it's cause I'm better at typing then handwriting ;)
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