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tired- work went *really* late for me

well, both my friends I was supposed to hang out with last night had to cancel - which ended up for the better because my server release night (normally 5pm to 8pm) intertangled with another group's deployment which (the other group's) deployment took our site offline for an hour & then once back up we had some issues, and ended up stabilizing right away,but testing it until basically quarter to midnight. gah. I'm tired today. Not that midnight is so late, but 6 hours of testing after dinner, is exhausting (1 hour break). Well, and I start work at 7:30am - long day.

Well it all ended well & maybe I'll get to workout tonight with the kids (they want to go to the Y too) before going to that cookie decorating party- nice to have something fun to look forward to after work today! :)
Tags: exercise, friends, work
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