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What do you carry in your car during the winter?

Thinking about MacGyver got me a neat suggestion from someone... that then got me thinking about: "What really belongs & is useful in a car emergency kit?"

I mean the classics are: candle stub, way to light it/waterproof matches, candybar, thermal blanket, flare maybe, um... flat tire stuff.

I got this suggestion for "black pepper" because it can safely block a radiator leak..
And I know in winter I also carry: scrappers, heavy gloves, extra windshield washer fluid
And I have a package I inherited when I inherited the car that has: jumper cables, bungie cords, tools for the car that I don't know how to use but they came with the car....etc.

And I do have one of those plastic metal emergency blankets wrapped up in the glove box... & a reg. fuzzy blanket in the backseat.
Oh, an my mom sent me one of those things to puncture the window if the car goes underwater w/a laser light on it.
EDIT: I also noticed I have scissors, extra cotton gloves, a pair of wool socks, a little 'first aid' kit & um, a piece of wood, and a tire pressure gage in my glove box.
And I do have a jack & tire, folded into /under my hatchback area. (I have a 1994 Subaru hatchback ('Legacy') so some of the old-car tricks are probably good for me to learn).

UM,and my Mom sent me a mini-shovel for the car but I keep it in the garage: should it be in the car? At least for winter? (it used to be collapsible but the middle piece is missing/it broke, so now it's just really short).

It sounds like my car's packed but it's not - just a fewthings in the glovebox & middle box - and then the scrappers &gloves & jumpercables are in the hatch area - I think I should throw the mini shovel backthere too- maybe I should string it down w/a bungie so it won't fly around?
So my question is : what do you think is essential in a "car first aid kit" ?

What do you carry in your car during the winter?
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