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yeh, can't really say it's someone else's fault I can't install a wall anchor.

I complained to my parents avidly as a kid how my bro's could mow the lawn at 10, 8 w/adult help.. & play golf & have toy cars & I couldn't/wasn't allowed to mow until 15 (w/help) & was denied golf clubs & toy cars (I talked boys at school into giving me cars instead) & I got to learn how to cook and clean & I got to babysit from age 10 up... I donno.

Looking back, and today, wrestling with how to use wall-anchors, how to fix cars.. I can only blame myself for allowing myself to not overcome 'my role'. I can't seem to do "guy things" but I can really only blame myself now: I've had plenty of time to learn on my own, and haven't.
Tags: cleaning, ideas, pschology
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