Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Christmas Eve 2007

Got to the Y for a workout after mailing my holiday/new year's cards off. I'm really glad I went,I was feeling rather blah and lack-luster, and wo/energy before my workout. Felt all new and better afterwards. 300 cals on elliptical/hillmode lvl 8 (European hills mode) & then abs,obliques, legs, etc on the weights for another 25 mins or so.

Got the fireplace going & it is nice. I'm trying to relax now, and awaiting the kids getting home. I'm looking forward to seeing them soon! I never feel I've done enough, really good enough, for them, so I just keep striving to do better. Maybe what I need to do is practice not trying so hard and letting them just be and relax with them :) Hope it's a nice day for them. I think back on my holidays and what was important & I try to shut out all the flamboyant expectations painted by our society & remember what I really liked were the quiet relaxed times with family, reading books under the Christmas tree, playing in the snow, and sometimes just watching the lights flickering over the houses outside and the ceiling inside. Just those quiet moments I truly valued. Ok, time to get offline and prepared for real life again. *deep breath* I can do it.
Tags: family, holidays, ideas, kids, traditions
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