Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Christmas 2007

I took my time getting around to shoveling,it was so preety - like a mountain snowbank - soft banks of snow, with long tree shadows. :)

Then my nice neighbor decided to surprise me with a Christmas gift of clearing my driveway with his snowblower (most my neighbors have them) and he got it tangled in the Christmas tree lights cable, cause he didn't know where it was & I saw him out there & went out to help shovel & he's like 'Oh, I'm so glad your home, I couldn't unplug this cord to untangle it - I meant to give you a Christmas surprise gift of clearing your driveway but I ruined your cable.' :) So it was good I was home to unplug it - it had to be cut to free thesnow blower. He did come back & finish my driveway though - so all I had to shovel was the staircase. That was very nice & neighborly! I was surprised. Sometimes it seems like kind actions really are the nicest gifts.

Happy Christmas!... um, everyone who digs that, er.. and Happy Solstice & all the holidays this time of year! No matter what you're up to, I hope you're having a nice day.

The kids & thier 'crystalized Santa' which grew crystals overnight (behind them)
Tags: friends, gadgets, holidays, my photos
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