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.. and then?

Exercised at the Y yesterday w/KTIG - good hard 35 minutes in hillmode lvl8 - 300 cals. I guess I could've done more but I've got too many unfinished projects,and I'm fighting off colds (I can tell because I actually want to sleep).

I also have a bunch of things to do before my parents arrive, and I'm so overwhelmed I'm just blogging instead. lol. Wow, I have so many things I could put on a New Year's resolution list I don't know where to start. Hm. Options include: don't take on more tasks then I can comfortably handle/complete in a satisfactory time. 2) learn to be on time/but really that's just an extension of option 1, to be honest. 3) learn how to date again (lol, right- as if I have time,heh.) 4) learn how to make friends again (heh, wow I'm on a role). 5) Keep exercising many times per week - I think this one is a must-have. It's really just essential & not optional. 6)Let go of stuff I don't use/like old clothes I don't wear anymore. I won't say I don't donate to charity clothes I usually do - I just again, can't seem to get ahead of the wave - again, part of being overwhelmed is not really finishing projects. I admire, but yet can't even conceive of doing just one project at a time. If I could get down to even just like, 3 or 5 it would be awesome -like, less then 35 simultaneous projects would be progress. How do you just stop or get ahead with so much already started though? Ok, with at least 5 options for new years resolutions, I'm already taking on more then I can handle with just that! omg, frustrating.
Tags: elliptical, exercise, fitness, holidays, ideas, projects, pschology

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