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D, asparagus, goats and lambs

I started taking vit. D- I didn't know it came in a bottle! I guess it's a popular winter-only supplement - but it stores in the fat so it's important to not take too much - ~400g/day - 'course it comes in 150g w/Calcium or 1000g options - so my family DR. aka Dad said I could take the 1000 every three days or so - seems good so far. Prob. is when to tell if I feel better because of Vitamins or if it's just because I expect to feel better - with time it usually tells - like I know from time taking & not taking C & B that those are both good for me/my skin/nails w/B esp. and my immune system w/C.

So, here's to trying out D.

In other randomness I decided I don't like blanched white asparagus. Even though I really like the normal green asparagus.

Also, I can eat & enjoy Lamb, but I can't make myself try Goat. I think it's 'cause I just think they're so cute and playful. Can't eat 'em. Well, I guess if it was the only choice but in general - like I when I went to Marla's on Lake - everything was spectacularly delicious - loved the Samosas, the tea, the breads, the shrimp & chutney and hummus and chicken but I couldn't try the goat curry my uncle Johnny ordered "Maaaa!" they're too cute.

But leftover lamb from another family dinner this week, for brunch w/leftover green aspargus= teh good. The blanched stuff when in the garbage: sorry.

K - that's it,now to shovel my icy/snowy driveway. I hope it's not too slippery.
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