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health habits and activities

30 mins weights (pecs, arms, obliques, abductors, adductors)
10 mins stairclimber (then a set of ellipticals got free)
20 mins elliptical (hill mode 1, lvl 5)

-pumpkin cheesecake an 'italian' sandwich at the coffeeshop, and espresso, a cranberry juice, and tonight, part of an apple donut, natural dried homemade apples, and then the breakfast of lamb meat & asparagus. I have no idea how many calories I ate today. probably 1500 at a guess.

Glad I got to the Y with KTIG - made it easier to say ok to guilt-free cheescake with the girls. So ktig - I counted back & it looks like I did mostly 2x per week in Dec. took Christmas week off but went 4x the week before.. & bumped it up to 3x per week since Christmas (so 3 weeks) for Jan... And, Nov & Oct I was mostly just doing 1x per week. so -hey, progress! :) If I can keep up 3x a week that would be awesome.

Aurora's at a Girlscout sleepover (dropped her off at 4pm) & Athena's watching Blue's clues as a treat - Athena & I were reading popup books too for like, an hour - those are so much fun. She's enjoying having mom to herself to the evening.
Tags: elliptical, exercise, fitness, nutrition
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