Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Sunday morning is for felt-board story time.

So many arts projects for the kids; I can't decide which to do - there are felt stuffed animals to make(which Aurora's shown a lot of interest in), the materials for making hotpot holders(the weaving kit); tissue art kit (which Athena seems very interested in), puzzles to do, valentines to make, scrapbooks and photo albums to put together...

Right now Athena & I have out the felt-animal & character boards -these are great cause they take no additional materials can be changed endlessly, can't really get "messed up" or frustrate the kiddos in that way (like even drawing they get frustrated with what they are doing compared to what they are imagining & trying to accomplish - like Athena got really mad yesterday when she tried to draw a bunny and then she stood up & said 'I can't do it! I just can't do it!' and stopped drawing - that's hard to see, but it is nice to see her try - it's just - well, art can be frustrating, too - not always turning out just right). Whereas with felt she yells 'I built this! I build this, I built this I built this!!!' - hee hee.

Well, anyhow - felt story board time: yay. :D
Tags: art, kids, projects, weekends
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