Alli (neugotik) wrote,

yay, I'm keeping up 3x or more per week! :D

last night I did make it to the Y w/the kids - they had a ton of fun playing with other kids in they gym & were in lifted spirits after the time there :yay.

My workout was just the weights because the place was packed & I didn't want to wait for an elliptical or other & only stair machines & stationary bikes were open - I like moving my arms & legs together. Anyhow. I did - 2 arm/pecs machines, 2 legs/gluts machines, 2 abs/core machines - for 25 mins about 30+ reps on each machine. - Today it's my gluts that are sore.
I might do free weights next time instead of resistance machines_ I'd like to do more arms & the smaller muscles that get used by finite/free weight movements. It would be nice if I could get to more Pilates classes - the classes push me harder then just doing them on my own. I might have to check out dif. branches of the Y to see who has more classes in Pilates on the weekend,or other nights.Hm.
Tags: exercise, fitness, kids

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