Alli (neugotik) wrote,

food, food (low "carbon" / my food, respectively) ... & exercise

my work cafeteria started a "low carbon diet" plan today - yes it's a play on words. The first thing they are doing is switching beef for buffalo 2 times per week, as Buffalo has a lower 'carbon imprint' on the planet & is also, luckily, even healthier meat then beef- two wins. So on 2 days per week everyone can't get beef they get buffalo - I think it's a really cool idea.

on a side note, kinda, that's why I originally became a vegetarian , actually: lower ecosystem impact - I was a vegetarian for 10 years. ah well - not now; I guess I could go back if I felt I could still get the proteins I need, etc & plan meals during a busy week.

I ate okay today but not super healthy - a mushroom omelet w/jack cheese & wholegrain toast & bacon & hashbrowns for breakfast (should have dropped the bacon & hashbrowns but they come in the meal #3) the mushrooms were the add-on. For lunch I had a very healthy lentil-vegetable curry soup, and a very unhealthy bag of ruffles potato chips & a coconut muffin & Cherry Zero. tsk tsk - shoulda stuck to just the soup. For dinner I just had leftover butternut squash, with garam masala on top & a dipping side of rosemary garlic oil - and a sideof broccoli I put dried ginger powder on & the same oil side - and a leftover turkey hotdog & a bean & cheese burrito. the squash was by far the best part - ok, with the broccoli-very tasty with all those spices too. Not a bad dinner, but def. leftovers.

So I also got in a workout! *grin* you were waiting for it,right? :) 25 mins on the elliptical & I was tired - that advanced pilates class kicked my bum. Literally! Today the elliptical really worked my calves & low back a bit too- good to get in some aerobics though! Even if just 25mins.
Tags: cooking, elliptical, environment, exercise, fitness, nutrition

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