Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Storms - Dreams

It's storming here, so I'm having trouble relaxing to go to sleep. Think I'll write about my last vivid dream, since omaha is off writing about cooking dreams right now, too

So it was Sunday morning, and I awoke from a dream where I had been driving my little bro's Subie (1994 blue) as I do most days I go to work, or well, out in a car.. and in this dream I had been driving alone & lost the brakes: they wouldn't respond at all, no matter how hard I hit the brakes.. soon I came to many cars, like a parking lot, and I swearved around the rows of cars missing most, but catching the headlight of one parked car with a horrible crashing-crunching sound as it took some of the velocity in damage.. however I was hardly slowed and kept going, out of the parking lot, and I don't recall where but I think down another hill, across a railroad track, and into a grass field where I finally stopped.

I got out of the car relieved it had stopped, and somehow my family was there.. and opening the car to help me out, although I was already out on my own, I looked into the backseat & opened the door to look closer: plants had been growing in the seats that I didn't even realize, like they do in our driveway and steps, but they had sprouted in the middle of the back cushion: an oak (clearly by its leaf) a little bunch of crab grass, some wildflowers, some vines, some other trees.. a maple, a pine or fir/too early to tell. I carefully pulled out those that were clearly trees or other large bushes-to-be, like the oak.. and collected them to transplant to the ground, but I left the grass & wildflowers that could flourish in the small space that they had chosen.

I guess I woke up thinking of how much I value & appreciate life, and how even when things get out of control, there's potntial good right behind you, and to stick tight & focus on your driving while you are driving, er. especially when your car is out of control. And I realized how much joy those simple plants brought me, and how life is like that: simple.

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