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yes, today.

exercise tonight: 30 min. Pilates class in Burnsville, 30 min elliptical in Edina w/KTig- excellent.

ate; better - pb sandwich & coffee for bf; salad for lunch, nuts for snack; spicy Kung Pao for dinner - ok even though I split each meal it two -so I feel like I ate a ton - like 6 times! lol.

ok, that's it.

Oh, yeah, and I checked out the new LUSH soaps store in the MOA in Macy's - so hot. Their soaps are just brilliant - the display is like an art show; I swear. Some look like desserts from chocolate to sherbert, clove and sea salt they've got it..., others soap & massage soap or bath bomb displays look like rocks or oranges - - just really cool soap. I also, have a weak spot for glitter; and they put this in some of their stuff. So hot.

I think these soaps would make much better valentines & easter basket treats then candy. ;)
Tags: bathing, exercise, nutrition

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