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Athena quotes 3 years old & evolving language usage

some Athena quotes to jot down in my journal before I forget them:

me: "what time is it?"
Athena's constant answer: "It's thirty-o'clock!!"

me flipping from some radio to a radio station with a guitar solo going
Athena in the backseat "no guitar now! no guitar!"
me thinking as I turn it off "how does she know instruments already? Is it just guitar or all instruments?"

Tonight (and other nights) while trying to pick out music to listen to:
Athena: "I want Jazzy music! I want the Jazzy one!"
(she likes the jazzy girl singers like Etta James & such with the softer instrumentation but a 4/4 beat,heh -interesting)

another classic for the kiddo-journal for Athena (I have one of these for Aurora when she was this young too, hee hee):

ok so Athena is in (any) store:
Athena "Mom,mom! I want this! It's so (beautiful/cool/cute/etc) - I want it!"
me "oh? we don't need to get it just because it's neat. How much is it?"
Athena then has 1 of 2 answers;
answer 1) "It's forty bucks!"
answer 2) "It's twenty bucks!"
(then I get to say wow that is sure a lot! maybe we can think about it; put it back please/and she does - well, so far she does!!)
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