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Sunday, music & exercise journal

Sun 20th - 1 hour pilates
Mon 21st - 25 mins elliptical
Tues 22nd - 30 mins pilates, then 30 mins elliptical
Fri 25th - 25 mins weights
Sun 27th - 1 hour pilates

I've decided to actually lose more weight I'd have to not eat whatever I feel like eating whenever I want. I'm not sure if I'm ready for that; but I'm thinking about it - yeh, I guess that's what most call a 'diet' but really a diet to me is whatever you eat - a restrictive or controlled diet is what you eat that you don't really want to eat- er, and that's what I'm mulling over.

Not much news _ took the kids to the YMCA in Burnsville & they had a totally fun time on indoor playground there - it's fun to have playgrounds with kids, even in the winter! Then we had lunch & went to the Mn Institute of Arts for "Rock the Cradle" - live music, arts projects, walking around the museum, more music, a instrument "petting zoo" & a kids disco - good time!! :D

Long day though - I'm tired.
Tags: exercise, kids, music, pilates, public radio rocks

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