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little post

  • worked out for 30 mins on weights - mostly arms, little abs & thigh work
    did elliptical then for 25 mins.

  • found out "Dream Theater" & "Opeth" are coming to MN State Theater - that would be really sweet to see; also w/a group I don't know called "Between the Buried and Me"

  • I counted calories for 2 days & did hit my goal - wasn't actually too hard, but then a desk job makes it easy to not munch. And since I'm usually sitting all day I don't get very hungry either, until I come home & start doing active things.

  • Aurora picked out "High school musical" valentines this year for her class & Athena picked out "Scooby Doo"

  • my boss said I could work from home tomorrow if the roads are icy - yay for that; think I will. Less one long icy drive, less some stress in my life; I always appreciate that.
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