Alli (neugotik) wrote,

ok, yes - Aurora is selling Girl Scout cookies - orders due Feb 1st

I heard a lot of people couldn't find girlscout cookie sellers in this cold - we haven't gone out either: So much too cold!

But if you want some:
Post a comment here today or tomorrow if you live in Minneapolis MN area & I know I can get the cookies to you,k? I don't want to get stuck w/extra cookies, if I can help it! Thanks!!

They are $3.50 per box.

Here are the 2008 options:

3new cookie varieties: 1 is sugar-free

Lemon Chalet Cremes - These lemon crème filled cookies feature Our Chalet, one of the four Girl Scout World Centers, situated high up in the mountains in Adelboden, Switzerland.
Sugar Free Chocolate Chips – Made with real chocolate chips, these cookies are sugar free.
All Abouts - These shortbread and fudge sandwich cookies are sporting a redesigned look for Girl Scouts 95th Anniversary and feature Girl Scout messages like “Fun,” “Friendship,” “Courage,” “Confidence,” and “Character.”

Plus the standards: Peanut butter, 2 kindsthe sandwich shape & the softchocolate covered ones, the coconut carmel ones, the shortbreads shaped like a logo & the thin-mints

Here's a link to read more about the 2008 varieties - thanks.
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