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dreary; the heat is coming. but on the plus side: good for ferns.

a report tonight on MPR (BBC report on 'the world') talked about a study that showed that the arctic ice might well melt 100% by 2013. That's in 5 years. gah. Don't buy coastal property.

They said in the next report, there was an error on the news yesterday when they stated that the United States was accountable for 32% of global warming gasses - the correction is that it was, but now we're only accountable for 25% - not that we've gone down, but 'cause other "developing countries" countries are going up. great.

I did my first class report on global warming in 1985 & I started the environmental club at my high school & we sued to state to try to remove dioxin-leaching chlorine bleached cardboard from milk products in the schools - lost due to 7 interventions (6 from the paper mills & 1 from the state agriculture department) - it's disenheartening to see the science in it & the patterns and 20 + years later it might be just, too late. I wonder if I still have my paperboard drawing of CFCs & global warming gasses w/the little car drawings & factory chimneys with clouds floating up & all that? hm. lol; probably not.

on the plus side- although this has happened before & the arctic warming caused mass-extinctions; when it was warm before, then the arctic  circle "was full of large ferns & 'puddles'" : cute. Gah.
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