Alli (neugotik) wrote,

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ramble. kinda.

  • I worked out for an hour - 10 Ellip.25 pilates, 25 weights- arms & legs today.

  • I want to complain about something; very much, but I think I just won't. I'll leave it at: deception makes me very upset. Very.It's just another kind of lie. I don't approve.

  • On a cherrier note: I'm thankful for cell phones, my kids, for friends, & for exercise.

  • Going out with friends today & tomorrow; football game to watch with a group of friends tomorrow - Pilates class tomorrow too, in the morning.

  • Tuesday is elections night. Thanks echoegami for the video posts - very interesting. Especially this one & the other connected ones at the end - interesting listening. video link
  • Tags: exercise, fitness, football, friends, kids, notes to self, politics
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