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stuff - hectic week.

really busy so far this week - I'm exhausted.

I did get out to caucus tonight - that was good - I've always been an active voter-participant.

Then I went out w/KTIG & exercised tonight after the vote so 9-10pm, also good. It's nice how quiet it is at they gym late at night. Did 30 mins elliptical & about 30 minutes of weights I think (arms,2 machines, legs 2 machines, obliques too)

Yesterday I also exercised w/KTIG. HEh; maybe our competitiveness will keep us healthy? Lol- nah, I really just like to exercise and having someone invite me out to exercise or having someone to invite keeps me more avid/interested, and less lazy.

I did just 25 mins elliptical on Mon. at they gym - but I also did over an hour of walking that day in the snowfall, which was nice & calming.

...this week is full of information; I crave simplicity and calm and just nice laid-back nice relaxing time with my kids without going out- I think we can do that. I bought groceries tonight after the workout,despite my exhaustion, so I have a bunch of soups, various beans, and veggies and peanut butter, bread, milk & some cookie dough too. ;p looking forward to more cooking and maybe a little valentines baking with the girls this week! That will be nice.

I really crave a little bit more of a simple uncomplicated life and other people's chaos should not drag me into chaos, so I will try to sustain a calm and quiet from within and around me,no matter what - I'll try my best.

That's about it. Glad to see Obama win MN; I admit I've decided to lean that direction after to listening to speeches and interviews; I decided this probably last week or the week before. I haven't gotten to see any debates yet - I wonder if I will get time to- I do hope Obama continues to get many future delegates.

That's it for now, I need to sleep too. Hope you, anyone who may read this, are all doing well.
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