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mm. domestic bliss.

k; lovely evening.
picked up the girls from schools
Listened to Athena's "Jazzy" music in the car;
came home & cooked dinner & baked cookies
meanwhile they danced to 'aqua' & 'high school musical'(Aurora's music choice)
in the living room ...

we all sat down & ate dinner, had a warm valentine cookie...
then at 5:30 went to the YMCA & I got in
30 mins Pilates(class) & 15 mins weights (free bells)
while the kids played in the indoor-playground with kids

... we came home & more dancing(!) with the fireplace going (mm warm)
while I ran a bubble bath (bubbles by Athena's request)- now they're clean & picking out books for bedtime reading. yay.

heh; "little critter" valentines' book it is!
Tags: cooking, exercise, family, kids
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