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How to make, er, making soup exciting/interesting?

How to get motivated/excited about cooking soups. That is my question of the day - love eating other peoples homemade soups - Tortilla soup, Chicken Chili Verde, Squash Bisque (which my mom showed me how to make a great version of)- it's not the lack of instruction or how-to ; it's the motivation I'm lacking here.

Maybe I need to make a book of favorites or er; but I have enough projects started. If it was comptetative, but I don't know how to draw in that motivation to cooking... maybe just the concept that it is healthy & affordable?

Some friends said crock-pots are awesome & save time and make it really an "easy meal" ... but I've never tried one & don't want to randomly buy one either. Maybe I could borrow one to try & see how I like it? heh. Or for $17 or so maybe I should just get one.
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