Alli (neugotik) wrote,

How to make scrambled souffle'?

I made, I believe, scrambled souffle' for breakfast. lol. I used more eggwhites in the scrambled eggs, let them cook through in olive oil slowly, so they puffed up a whole bunch & got a light brown crust on the down side... so when I finally when to flip/scramble them they had the texture of mini-souffles. Pretty cool.

They had little strings of mozzarella string cheese over the top melted in a pattern, so I guess that makes it a "cheese souffle' scramble" -hee hee. Ok, except the cheese wasn't inside, so not really.. and technically I'm sure chefs would argue it lacked something - but it def. shared a handful of similarities including texture in many ways and appearance (compared to souffles I've had) well anyhow - neat.

I'll have to see if I can recreate this sometime. Or improve it - Maybe I'll have to make some normal souffle' to compare- I actually have a souffle' dish somehow.

Anyhows, the kids liked it too! Yay. Served that up w/some buttered cranberry cornbread toast (it's baked like a loaf at the Breadsmith & makes awesome toast!) Yum.

As they say on the kids show "wonder pets" at the end of the episode - "This calls for a celery!" Inspired by that, I served celery w/peanut butter for a meal end treat - hooray.
Tags: cooking, invention, kids, weekends
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