Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Look at your own interests list, then

Take every 10th (more then 75)
every 7th (50-75)
every 5th (25-50)
every 3rd (less then 25, but more then 10)
all (less then 10)

and then write about why this is interesting to you, your history with it.

On a personal note, I found this refreshing as it reminded me about some of my core interests as I tried to count through the list & looked at all the words I had listed: it reminded me of the stuff of life I really love and sometimes put on the shelf when I don't have to.

So, my take on this is below (had to do every 10th one, as I have a long list)

architecture - I love how stuff is put together; and buildings are very interesting.. insides which are inside insides; and have styles and support, design & engineering, blueprints are a wonderful invention, and I have a secret fetish for the handwriting used on blueprint layouts: yummy. Rrarw.

books - flipping through paper: trapping meaning & symbols, and messages from thousands of years ago, days ago, or time unknown. Stories, and facts, interwoven: pictures, photos, lifetimes.

cats - soft furry & beautiful. Mocking, yet loving. Independent, yet domesticated. Sometimes glorified (Bast) often overlooked: always watching.

deep forest- I started listening to this musical group when I lived in Olympia, WA ; they were frequently playing at a favorite shop of mine, Bulldog News, and I loved how they cheered my soul when I was lonely, and created vivid images in my mind

faeries- I have always loved faeries, and also love artists who depict them (Brian Froud, Amy Brown, etc) and mythology & stories about them

gaming - I have always loved gaming as long as my memory goes back. My big brother also has, and even now in my most sullen or depressed mood, playing a good game can bring me out of it & make me laugh & think, and raise my spirits.

herbology- in the study of herbs & nature lies our salvation. OK; totally not Herbology, but of interest (about bees/I think plants/bees you know?).. anyhow: Only this month in The Rake (local paper) they have a story on how honey bees produce something that kills HIV! But, honey bees are also dying, and we need to help save them. It's on my 'to read'list/ Ishould come back & post about the article after I read it, really)... Herbology is an amazing thing to know about.

knotwork gardens - these are formal gardens based on knotwork patterns & often hosting herbs for cooking &/or medicines, traditionally ; a beautiful garden w/a beautiful purpose.. that also can fit in either a large or very small space by design

michael moore - the man who made documentaries something of the main stream. I love documentaries & I am very liberal. Where I might not always agree with Michael Moore, I find his daring, humor & constant fight to expose the truth invigorating & the stuff that heros are made of. may we all seek the truth with such enthusiasm & steadfastness

oregano - Yum. I almost lived off this when I was a vegetarian in Peru for a couple months - does wonders for plain rice & beans.

princess mononoke- a heroine of the environment, animals, the forest, the water: lovely lady. And great at riding wolves.

sam raime - the man who brought us Zena, warrior princess & thereby the strong woman warrior back into mainstream america media entertainment, and before that I already loved Army of Darkness, etc: his humor & presentation of the mythologies is refreshing & I admire both him & his works.

symbology - symbols & the study of them fascinates me (along with ruins, runes, all kinds of remnants of the sociology of our farthest ancestors: wonderful & amazing.. these messages that have transcended time beyond easy thought).

w.b. yeats- one of many writers I love & have many more listed in my interests, but this is the one that came up in this formulated 'meme' / I crossed over Yeats work mostly in my detailed studied of many mythologies in college: stuying his works with Celtic mythology, in specific ("
Yeats was interested in folktales as a part of an exploration of national heritage and for the revival of Celtic identity. His study with George Russell and Douglas Hyde of Irish legends and tales was published in 1888 under the title Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry. Yeats assembled for children a less detailed version, Irish Fairy Tales, which appeared in 1892. The Wanderings Of Oisin And Other Poems (1889), took its subject from Irish mythology. "

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