Alli (neugotik) wrote,

Saturday morning conversation today

8 am- spring sunshine fills my bedroom - I awake - get water, climb back into bed.
Athena: "mom,turn out the lights!"
me: (pulls brown quilt over her head)
Athena: "thanks mom"
Aurora (rolling over & waking up): "mom how come I wake up so easily so early on weekends and on weekdays I don't want to wake up early ever?"
me: "well maybe your excited about the fun things we do on weekends and not as excited for the routine of weekdays I know I get that way on weekends"
Aurora: "but mom, you wake up so early on weekdays: you wake up so early it's still dark outside"
me:"uh, yeh, I know - that's kind of odd isn't it? It's not as easy to wake up when I am not excited for the day though"

Athena (pushing up the blankets on her head):"hey, pretend this is our house, k?"
Aurora (making a bubble out of her blankets too):"ok, this is my house you can visit me if you want" (Athena goes over to Aurora's house and they talk too quietly to hear for awhile & then Athena announces she's going home & scoots back over under the other blanket pocket)...

Athena (turning and peaking out at me under the sarifabric quilt now): "mom, you can knock on my house door if you want to"
me: "you want me to knock on your blanket?"
Athena: "Yes,... then you can come in my house! I have a ballerina kitty here"

me: (picking up the ballerina kitty)"now it is time for ballet lessons (and I proceed to have the very flexi kitty do all these ballerina moves while the girls watch)-
(then we all scooted together for ballet class & lifting up the blankets made one big blankie tent)-
Aurora: "mom -that's too much light! I like the small blankethouses better"
Athena:(taking the kitty and building up a stack of pillows between her & Aurora's house in a line) "my kitty is going to go climb these mountains! look my ballet kitty is at the top of the mountains!"(walking her kitty up to the top of the tallest pillow)

me: "ok, nicely done kitty - after a long hike up a mountain i like a nap"
Athena: "me too -let's take a nap. (walks her kitty down the pillows & snuggles by me) "...Aurora I'm going to nap with mommie(snuggles up next to me and closes her eyes holding kitty)"
Aurora: "ok, me too -I'm going to nap some more, too" (rolls up in a ball and settles down too)

me: "after our nap we can build a blankie fort in the living room if you want"
Athena & Aurora agreed & now after brunch (and a couple hour nap) I set up the chairs & they are out there sorting stuffed animals & toys and setting up for me to bring in the blankets:*grin*
--- I love weekend mornings with the kids ---
Tags: kids, kids story, quotes, weekends

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