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spring -- nearly...

last 2 days above freezing weather: heaven.

worked out Tues & Weds this week, will need to do Fri & Sat & Sun to catch up *grin*
Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues & Weds last week - mix of pilates classes (free at Y), elliptical, & weights on various nights

oh, and (achoo) the um (achoo) trees might've started budding (achoooo) yesterday - (acchhh)(sniff) (a'hoochoo) - think - as I've been sneezing all day today - (sniff) it's about my most noticeable allergy (sniff/achoo).Seriously - it's been all day - my nose is so chapped. At least it's not a long blooming season like grasses or flowers or something. *whew*
Tags: elliptical, exercise, pilates, weather
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